We Understand Same-Sex Family Law Issues

The long-awaited arrival of same-sex marriage in Arizona is a welcome sight for the LGBT community; however, divorce and other family law issues arise in same-sex households as well. Our representation is not limited to same-sex divorce, and we often handle other family law issues affecting same-sex couples.

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From Divorce To Adoption, We Handle The Legal Issues That Matter Most

When a gay or lesbian couple divorces, many important decisions must be made regarding children and financial issues. Everything that was once shared now essentially must be divided.

Our divorce attorneys encourage many clients to consider collaborative divorce and mediation. As alternatives to litigation, collaborative divorce and mediation are empowering and cooperative processes. You will have input into the decisions made during the divorce and play a key role in shaping your future.

We can protect your rights and best interests throughout the divorce process — whether you are seeking fair parenting time, will be paying or receiving child support, will be paying or receiving spousal support, or are seeking an equitable division of property under Arizona’s community property laws. By focusing our efforts on the legal matters as well as the timely and favorable resolution of your case, we can pursue what is most favorable for you, your children and your future.

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