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Dividing your property during a divorce can be a complex matter, even though Arizona follows community property rules. Obtaining accurate valuations for your assets could greatly impact the amount of property you are entitled to receive. At the Maricopa County-based law firm of Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we have an extensive understanding of the laws regarding the disposition of community and separate property. You can rely on us to use this knowledge to your benefit.

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Community Property Representation

According to the property division laws in Arizona, property is presumed to be community property if it is acquired during a marriage and it is not received as a gift or part of an inheritance. Community property laws require the equitable distribution of property, but not always an equal distribution, making it important to have a lawyer in your corner who can protect your interests.

Separate property, presumptively, is property acquired prior to the marriage, received during the marriage as a gift or obtained through an inheritance, or acquired after the service of a petition for divorce or legal separation. This type of property is not subject to the same distribution laws as community property.

Courts will also look at the debts of the parties in making their determination of the most equitable way to distribute assets. We can analyze your property, debts and all of the other factors that may play a role in what assets you receive.

Establishing Your Own Property Division

In Arizona, courts are open to accepting a plan drafted by the parties regarding how the property should be split. At our law firm, we can help you create this agreement. We will work with you to help determine how to fairly divide marital property and what may be equitable considering your unique circumstances.

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