Helping You Establish Powers Of Attorney

Creating a power of attorney means that you will choose someone to manage your affairs or make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so for yourself during your lifetime. These documents expire upon your death. At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., in Chandler, Arizona, we help you ensure that your wishes are known and that you have a legally binding power of attorney.

Our firm prepares powers of attorney for clients in Chandler and throughout the Phoenix metro area. These documents allow you to designate someone to make decisions for you if you cannot do so for yourself.

The Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney (also known as a financial power of attorney) allows you to name an agent with the authority to transact business on your behalf and manage your finances for you if you become incapacitated or are otherwise unable to manage your own financial affairs. A durable power of attorney can be effective immediately, regardless of your mental status, or it can be “springing,” which means that it becomes effective only if a physician deems you incompetent. At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we have the experience to create a durable power of attorney that fits your needs.

The Health Care and Medical Power of Attorney

A health care power of attorney comes into play if you are mentally or physically incapable of communicating with respect to your medical needs. Without the ability to communicate your medical decisions, you need a proxy to take care of those matters on your behalf. The benefit of creating a health care power of attorney is that you can designate who you want to make health care decisions for you, should the need arise, instead of having the court make the decision for you. A health care power of attorney will not have effect if you are able to communicate your own wishes regarding medical treatment.

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