The Last Will and Testament

Estate planning may seem overly complex and unnecessary for those who feel that they do not have the finances or assets to justify drafting a will. However, at Donaldson Stewart, P.C., in Chandler, Arizona, we encourage our clients in Maricopa County and throughout the Phoenix Metro area to think of their future and the future of their family members in creating a Last Will and Testament.

Creating a will is one of the simplest forms of estate planning. Essentially, through a will you can tell the court in writing, with certain formalities, how you want your assets distributed and who will be responsible for making the distributions. A will also tells the court who you want to be named as the guardian of your minor children in the event the other parent is unable or unwilling to care for them.

Helping Clients Draft Their Wills

At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we help our clients by drafting a will to meet their needs and wishes. Wills are not just about “who gets what.” You may have minor children that would need to be cared for should something happen to you. Your will can designate a guardian for your child. You can even designate who you want to be a caretaker for your beloved pet.

Perhaps the most important aspect of your will comes in selecting the person responsible for administering your estate. That trusted individual, known as a personal representative or executor, will respect the wishes set forth in your will when working on your behalf to distribute your assets or establish a guardianship for your minor children.

The Purpose and Benefit of Pour-Over Wills

If you have created a living trust, we can create a special type of will for you. This document, called a pour-over will, instructs that any property not funded to your trust prior to the time of your death will be transferred into that trust upon your death through the probate process. From there, your selected trustee has the distribution authority. This helps to ensure that no asset is left unaccounted for or otherwise subject to the probate process.

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