Child Support And Divorce Attorneys

Child support is subject to statutory guidelines in Arizona. At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we help clients in Chandler and throughout Maricopa County determine child support amounts based on accurate data.

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines are applied using a software program that considers the parents’ gross monthly incomes, child-related expenses and other factors, including time spent with children.

The Need For Accurate Data In Child Support Calculations

While child support is based on a statutory formula, disputes can arise over the accuracy of the information presented. In addition, out-of-pocket medical costs or visitation-related travel expenses can create contentious arguments. One parent may be misstating the cost of health insurance, day care or extracurricular expenses. A self-employed, unemployed or underemployed parent can impede the progress of coming to a final number for child support.

Establishing And Enforcing Child Support

At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we take a detail-oriented approach and get to the facts. We want to ensure an accurate calculation of child support. We can also assist a parent in enforcing their right to receive support from a nonpaying parent.

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