The Revocable Living Trust

Setting up a revocable living trust will help you maintain control over the administration and distribution of your assets if you become disabled or after you pass away. At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we help our clients in Chandler and throughout the Phoenix metro area maintain control of their assets and finances.

Creating a revocable living trust is a proactive step toward protecting what you have accumulated and earned throughout your life. A revocable living trust also gives you choices and options that probate does not provide.

Our Estate Planning Experience in Drafting Living Trusts

At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we bring both experience and knowledge in estate planning, specifically in the area of establishing revocable living trusts. For many, a living trust is an ideal way to avoid probate. While probate in Arizona is not as complicated, costly, or time-consuming as in some other states, a living trust has its advantages.

The Advantages of Living Trusts and Disadvantages of Probate

Without a living trust, your estate may become part of the public record in probate court. A living trust provides more privacy in the administration of your estate since it does not have to be filed in the county where you resided. A properly funded living trust also greatly simplifies the administration of your estate since there is not the delay associated with court involvement. The probate process generally takes six months to a year; however, a living trust can often be administered shortly after death, allowing your beneficiaries to receive your assets faster.

Controlling Your Assets if Disabled

Living trusts are not just about protecting your assets after you pass on. Living trusts give you a certain level of control if you ever become disabled or are deemed incompetent because you will have named a successor trustee to handle matters on your behalf.

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