Protecting Your Rights As A Grandparent

Whether you are a grandparent seeking to have a court establish a visitation schedule with your grandchildren or you are a parent seeking to stop grandparent visitation, you should consult with a knowledgeable family law attorney regarding your rights. Having represented clients on both sides of this issue, our attorneys are familiar with the laws and know how to protect your rights while also protecting the best interests of the children involved.

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A Visitation Rights Lawyer Helping Grandparents Throughout Arizona

Establishing the visitation rights of grandparents can be a complicated process and must be approached with the guidance of an experienced Arizona family lawyer. Grandparents need to know that the marital status of the grandchild’s parents affects their rights to request court-ordered visitation.

The court will consider many factors when determining the best interests of the children, including:

  • The historical relationship between the child and grandparents
  • The motivation of the parties seeking visitation rights to the child
  • The motivation of any party seeking to deny visitation rights
  • The quantity of time requested

At our Chandler law firm, we will explain these factors to you and help you determine how they will affect your case.

Parents Can Attempt To Stop Grandparents From Seeking Visitation

If you are a parent seeking to stop a grandparent from having visitation rights to your child, we know how to help. Having represented clients on both sides of this situation, we have a unique perspective into the strategies the other side will attempt to use. You can rely on our knowledge to help protect your interests and the interests of your children throughout this time in your life.

Contact A Skilled Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

If you have questions regarding your rights as a parent or grandparent, contact our law firm to schedule a free initial consultation. We will work with you to analyze every factor involved in your unique situation and strive to develop a plan that meets your goals.