Making Sense Of Legal Decision-Making Authority / Parenting Time And Paternity 

Matters involving legal decision-making authority and parenting time are resolved with the best interests of the children in mind at Donaldson Stewart, P.C., in Chandler, Arizona. We will provide you with skilled representation in court if that becomes necessary, but we believe that cooperation, not litigation, is the best route to a resolution.

Best Interests Of Your Child In Legal Decision-Making Authority Cases

Legal decision-making authority involves making decisions for your child relating to medical, educational, religious education and personal care aspects of their lives. Parenting time involves time-sharing, including the weekday and weekend schedule, as well as holidays and vacations. The court is not permitted to enter orders based on the gender of the parent or the gender of the child. The judge focuses on the factors set forth in the statute, together with the facts of your situation, to determine the best interests of the child. At Donaldson Stewart, P.C., we will assist you in pursuing the best interests of your children, whether in court or in an out-of-court settlement.

Mediation In Legal Decision-Making Authority Cases

Mediation can be key to a successful outcome when going through a divorce or negotiating legal decision-making authority and parenting time. Our dedication to our clients at Donaldson Stewart, P.C., means that we will litigate after other options have been exhausted, but we will make every effort to resolve the case before litigation becomes necessary. Our attorneys can represent you in certain mediation proceedings, and we have qualified mediators in our firm who can provide this service as well.

We understand that you want to maintain control over decisions that will affect you and your children. We also know that you want to protect your children from lengthy court battles. Mediation is a cooperative alternative to court proceedings and allows both parents to make decisions regarding the children in a collaborative atmosphere.

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