Helping You Navigate The Stepparent Adoption Process

Creating a new family through adoption is the most rewarding aspect of family law. At the Maricopa County law firm of Donaldson Stewart, P.C., in Chandler, Arizona, we represent our clients throughout the process of adoption, including the termination of a biological parent’s parental rights if necessary.

The adoption process can become lengthy. Emotions run high. However, we encourage our clients to be patient and trust that we are looking out for their best interests and those of the child they are adopting.

Experienced Advocacy For Your Needs

Most of our adoption practice involves stepparents adopting their spouses’ children. If the biological parent consents, the adoption can proceed after a home study by an adoption agency. If the biological parent does not consent or cannot be located, their parental rights must be officially terminated before the adoption can proceed.

Termination Of Parental Rights

Termination of parental rights can be requested on the grounds of abandonment or abuse of a child. The court must determine whether these grounds have been met. This can be a long, complicated process; however, our focus is on the child’s best interests at Donaldson Stewart, P.C.

The Process Of Creating A New Family

Once consent has been obtained from the biological parent or after that parent’s rights have been terminated, the adoption can proceed. After an application is made to the court, a home study must be completed. The court will then conduct a hearing, with the child present. If all requirements have been met, the adoption will be granted, and the court will celebrate the creation of a new family.

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